June 12, 2009


I ate it.

Friday Night

I am tired. I have been tired on a way too frequent basis recently. I am thirty, not a hundred and thirty. Perhaps it is due to my lack of physical activity. I really need to start working out more. Ok, at all. My Friday night is being spent on a couch that feels slightly damp. Not what you think, whatever that may be. You know when it rains every day for, like, a week. Things start to get damp.
I am writing this blog because a.)I like to write and b.)I need a little bit of self-discovery as I enter a new decade of my life
I am being entertained by The Office on demand. Catching up. I really and truly love this show. I even have the British version on DVD, which I used to watch way back when it was the only one. My brother is bringing me a cheeseburger. I shouldn't eat it. Going to JD's tomorrow for sun and boating on the lake. Yeah, probably shouldn't eat a cheeseburger when a bathing suit is twelve hours away...