July 10, 2011

Dinner a la Diner

Living in the Garden State, we have a vast array of diners to choose from, especially north of the capitol. I happen to live very close to one of the best, as far as healthy options go- Gotham City. It's a cool place as far as interior too- a lot of neat and kitschy NYC memorabilia. My bf and I just got back from a lovely dinner before he had to turn around and head out to work- he works nights. Yuck.

The thing I love about this place is the custom salads. I chose a romaine and baby greens base with chick peas, cukes, carrots, feta, avocado, sliced apples and grilled chix. Soooo goood. Saved half for luch tomorrow. Also had a baked potato with tabasco sauce- the hotter the better. I'm that girl who orders spicy dishes xtra spicy.

Time for some grad school work and a little "Season 25:Oprah Behind the Scenes"

Current Read

As per Jenna's advice, I just started reading "The Murderer's Duaghter" by Randy Susan Meyers. I am having a hard time being productive at ANYTHING, because it is just that good. My friends and I are using it for our bookclub and I am positive it will be a hit. But I will be sure to share the results....stay tuned.

Sunny Sunday!

Last night, I went to a scrumption summer bbq prepared by my friend Sarah's family for her berfday! The menu consisted of steak and chicken on the grill, two types of potato salad, a cucumber, tomato, feta salad, a deeeelish summer squash salad, and what birthday party would be complete without the requisite chocolate cake!. The malbec flowed and the mosquitoes bit. Sarah's hubby had set up a plethora of yard games- bocce, badminton and croquet. It was great fun! Except for the little incident of a certain young woman (ahem) stepping in a certain present left by Sarah's dog. C'est la vie! Since I was so full from all of the deliciousness at the bbq, I have had an open faced sammy as my only meal thus far- two slices of whole wheat bread, both smothered in apricot preserves, one side topped with cottage cheese, the other with Crazy Richard's natural PB. Washed down with a big fat bottle of TJ's Sparkling Lemon Spring Water- so sensational and a great value in my eyes! Today will consist of a little blogwork, a little grad school work, a little packing ( I am moving next Friday!), and church with the 'rents. Such a beautiful sunny Sunday here in NJ...gotta get out and get my legs moving a little bit too.